Koli Garden


Sculpture Park

A Park where stories bend to a shape

Koli Sculpture Park is an unique art attraction in Finland, which fills an almost hectare park area with its works. The area, which changes according to the seasons, is crowned by magnificent sculptures made by a garden entrepreneur from Koli and self-taught artist Lasse Martikainen.

In the park you can get acquainted with dozens of works of art in different sizes, inspired by mythology and Koli’s nature. The materials of the sculptures are versatile and weatherproof, such as metals, stone, fiberglass and recycled materials. Both old greenhouse gutters and heating pipes have given new life to the park. The park is constantly being renewed, so you can visit it many times without losing interest.

The Sculpture Park, opened in the spring of 2019, is a nice place to visit. Sculpture Park is also well suited for families with children. The area of ​​the park is easily accessible terrain and is located in the immediate vicinity of the greenhouses of Koli Garden. The park is a suitable destination for an art lover’s cultural hunger or for a summer day on a picnic.

Lasse Martikainen

behind the stories

Self-taught artist Lasse Martikainen is the mastermind behind the magnificent works of Sculpture Park. After studying to be a horticulturist and after a few years of entrepreneurship, the artistic hobby of youth also became a business. In 2016 the construction of a new tourist attraction, Koli Sculpture Park, was started on the field next to the greenhouses of Koli Garden.

The Sculpture Park became a permanent art exhibition for Lasse’s sculptures that breathe fantasy culture and mythology. Koli’s nature and forest trips with his father have also been a source of inspiration. The park opened to the public in the spring of 2019 and was immediately well received by locals as well as tourists. The sculpture garden is an attraction for everyone, but a way of life for Lasse.

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